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It’s very healing and super-duper moisturizing

This is my first time using DeaTerra. It’s so rel...

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DeaTerra’s mask is special and comfortable

DeaTerra’s mask is special and comfortable. It pa...

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Never had a mask like this can release my soul at the same time!

I never had a mask that could release the pressure...

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With the unique music, I can’t stop loving it~

When I first use DeaTerra, I totally give in! The ...

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DeaTerra’s mask pairs with AEPM is awesome!

The music of DeaTerra is amazing. I can have deep ...

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AEPM mask is my great energy bar; it makes my life full of passion and energy!

I am very glad to be able to use such nice skin ca...

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I like the fitness of the mask and its scent.

Recently, I feel dryness on my skin, but after I u...

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Facial masks are always on women's beauty list.

DeaTerra's music mask is moisturizing and hel...

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I am surprisingly satisfied for its result; my skin looks young

My skin can get flushed and allergic easily. Still...

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I am pretty satisfied with its result

This kind of mask surprised me with tons of essenc...

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My skin texture is age-reversal

DeaTerra’s special music mask is very hydrating, a...

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Comfortable and moisturizing, non-sticky, feeling fresh and hydrated

DeaTerra’s mask is special, comfortable, and moist...

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My skin is indeed different for its brightness and hydration

My friend introduced me to DeaTerra’s whitening fa...

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The exquisite packaging and beautiful logo make me can’t wait to try it

I was introduced by my friend to DeaTerra. I like ...

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“The entire skin is awaken!” I highly recommend it

When I got the package, it looks very exquisite. W...

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AEPM facial mask makes the facial time not boring anymore

I never thought that one day my skin would be dry ...

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Essence is plenty and hydrating.

Essence is plenty and hydrating. Great effect on m...

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The unique part of DeaTerra is to awaken the energy within women

DeaTerra's facial mask is very moisturizing. ...

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The beauty of DeaTerra comes from Mismi's heart

The beauty of DeaTerra comes from Mismi's hea...

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This comprehensive music mask amazes me

This comprehensive music mask amazes me. Not only...

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