1. I am a goddess filled with energy. I live a life of my own. I have power and am open to possibilities.
  2. I am a noble woman. I live my life with elegance. I show my charm every day. I live life on my own terms. I am amicable and friendly.
  3. I am a confident goddess. I live a life of pride. I pursue my dreams. I live the life I want.
  4. I am a flamboyant goddess. I have a beautiful face and beautiful skin. I keep my beauty and healthy glow. I stay young.
  5. I am an attractive goddess. I wear a charming smile. I exhibit friendliness and behave appropriately.
  6. I pursue love for it is my source of energy. My beauty grows with love. In love, I know how to give.
  7. I am a lucky goddess. I am surrounded with good luck and blessings. Every day, I create opportunities for myself to be wonderful.
  8. I am a likeable goddess. I greet people with a smile. I am generous in giving praise and encouragement.
  9. I am a warm and giving goddess. I embrace confidence and love.
  10. I am a healthy goddess. I eat healthy and keep myself fit. I can feel the healthy energy good food gives me and I can feel that every single cell in my body is in its perfect condition.
  11. I am a happy goddess. I try to keep a good mood and live in the moment. I allow myself to have fun.
  12. I am a tender and kind goddess. I treat people well and give them a sense of security.
  13. I am a goddess with integrity. I embrace positivity in my thinking.
  14. I am a passionate goddess. I release the passion inside me and show my passion for the future.
  15. I am a creative goddess. I exude the energy of happiness. I create my own life with love. I recognize my own creativity.
  16. I am the most purposeful goddess. I live in joy. I move towards my goal. I look forward to the hope every morning gives me. I know each day is a gift.
  17. I am a goddess with inner strength. I am full of the energy to be merry. My body, mind, and soul are in balance and happy. I know the strength of the universe is beside me.
  18. I am a unique goddess. I open my arms to embrace what the universe has to offer me. I am lucky and deserve to have all wonderful things.