What kind of Beauty and Secret Goddess do you belong to?
Q1 Which word best describe you?

perfectionist, detail oriented

Q2 What personalities do you want to have when people see you?

Q3 In what situations, you can feel at ease and be yourself?

Q4 Which is the best word to describe you?

Q5 When you are doing a project, which area you would like to take charge of ?

The Skin Type Test
“In order to have a perfect skin and be a beauty Goddess, you need a right skin analysis.”
Q1 After washing face, how does your skin look like?

Q2 How does your skin normally look like?

Q3 The skin texture?

Q4 What does your skin normally look like?

Q5 Any skin problem?

Spring Goddess
You are energetic, creative, optimistic, supportive, and intuitional. You always have creative ideas. You are a multitasker. You see things at a higher point of view and use your intuition to guide you, which is a wonderful way to be productive rather than staying in research. You like creating things freely. You definitely need a personal time. Through a creative thinking, you make your own unique brand and value. You can spend a lot of time on thinking and creating until the project is done. You are a charming Goddess because of your unique disposition.
Representatives: JK Rowling(Harry Potter) 、Anita Roddick( The Body Shop)
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Summer Goddess
You are active and energetic. You build up your own image and you are a quick thinker. You communicate effectively. You like being with people. You like standing out from the crowd. Actually, you are more productive when you talk with people. Thus, when you are doing a project, you need to focus on your own strength and make a good impression. Seize the chances to let people see you. Your enthusiasm is your selling point! You are an enthusiastic Goddess.
Representatives: Opera, Xiao-Yan Zhang, Matilda Tao, Dee Hsu
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Fall Goddess
You rely on your feeling and think that a balanced life and a trusting relationship are important. You are straight to the point and good at observing the weaknesses of a person or a project. Sometimes, you focus on the present too much that you ignore what might come in the future. In a team, you are a hard worker and you show your full potentials. You are down to earth in leading a team. You earn the most praise. You are capable of sensing feelings and subtle things. You are a perceptive Goddess.
Representatives: Yu Xiang( A Chairwoman in Business Advertisement)
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Winter Goddess
You are prudent, organized and detail-oriented. You like controlling and analyzing things. You have the ability to check up every detail and make sure that everything is on the track, so you would feel safe and at ease. You are not used to be in the front line and you like to be alone or only with people who are really close to you. You like spending time with things you like to do. You don’t like things to be too complicated. You are irreplaceable. You are good at organizing and set up the priorities. You are a secret weapon in the team with your mysterious charm!
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dry skin

7 points and below

dry skin

Dry skin needs moisture and oil. Dry skin has rough, dry, inelastic skin texture. It also has refined pores, more dark spots and wrinkles on the corners of eyes and mouth. Makeup is hard to stay on the dry skin. Sometimes, it can have a peeling situation. Dry skin is vulnerable especially in the winter. Without applying suitable skin products, dry skin will become tight and you skin feel burning.
Combination skin, Normal skin and Sensitive skin

8 to 22 points

Combination skin, Normal skin and Sensitive skin

In Taiwan, 70%'s people have combination skin. This type of skin is oil on the T zone and normal on the sides or dry on the cheeks and normal on the T zone. The oil part is greasy and has large pores. The dry part might have smaller pores. Sometimes might get pimples, spots and wrinkles.
Normal skin: Normal skin type is what everybody desires. Moderate on oil secretion, skin looks rosy, fine and healthy. Normal skin is elastic and glowing.
Sensitive skin: sensitive skin is delicate and can get redness, itchiness, and even peeling. Sensitive skin might have itchy or even allergic reaction when they use skin products. Therefore, choose beauty products prudently.
oil skin

Above 23 points

oil skin

Your skin type is oil skin. You have large pores and excessive oil secretions.You skin gets greasy easily and pores are clogged which forms acnes and blemishes.