A Quiet Revolution for Your body, Mind, & Skin

It is the first time in the history that the secret of beautifying your body, mind, and skin synchronously is revealed. With DeaTerra Attractive Energy Power Music (AEPM) voice technology, combined with beauty therapy spa and fashion beauty care products, you can increase your beauty even more.

Mismi is DeaTerra’s creative director, one of the elite students for skin care product formula, AEPM music editor, and one of the British certified, talented consultants. Mismi observed that the greatest desire of hearts is to have the talent, beauty, creativity, mission, and happiness, so she spent three years innovated this fashion beauty care, combined with mind, relaxation, and beautiful AEPM (Attractive Energy Power Music) voice technology, hoping to solve the blind spot that simply focuses on external beauty; at the same time, taking care of the skin and beauty together from inside out.

The Secret of Synchronizing the Beauty of Your Body, Mind, & Skin

AEPM plays a significant role in stimulating, relaxing, and dealing with the nature of human consciousness. The use of specific, tender, and gentle spoken words combined with heavenly music, gently affects various states of the brain and brings out deep relaxation, motivation, and the sense of youthful beauty, these types of "special” expansion. It also influences the subconscious mind. This unique AEPM (Attractive Energy Power Music) voice technology has become a relaxing and healing tool, which can strengthen inner self and bring joy. This audio structure is called DeaTerra Attractive Energy Power Music, or AEPM.

DeaTerra Attractive Energy Power Music takes you to a deep journey, where beauty, dreams, and desire continue to extend and are detached in time and space, so that you can immerse yourself in the journey of inner peace, travel back to the creator of the source of love, which is the realm that all things are maintained and gathered.

Through three years of planning and development by DeaTerra’s professional team, we present you the heavenly music that is designed with superimposed elements of music. It has the best audio and effects, the notes are full of emotions, and it holds the feeling of desiring to have a home for your soul together. Let the beautiful soul fly; let your beauty, soul, and mind have a place to belong.

AEPM’s voice technology can help individuals relax, resulting in a state of happiness and joy. Through expectations, music, vocal guidance, and subtle sounds combine together, AEPM (Attractive Energy Power Music) voice technology can enhance its effectiveness.

AEPM’s synchronicity of relaxation and beauty shows the transmission of information through the entire brain achieves its maximum efficiency. This means that the synchronization of the rising brain waves cause various states of brain waves to undulate. Under the given frequency information, the synchronized and coherent electromagnetic energy by the human brain generates and causes "waves," and it also increases the amplitude and intensity of brain waves. This is obviously the same for a "brain that desires beauty and mind relaxation, but also high concentration," like left brain v. right brain functions, how symmetric, synchronized, harmonic, and united. It is the peak condition and key representation of continuous beauty and confidence.

Continuous Innovation

Mismi’s work is inspired by the orientation of fashion beauty/mind/potential combined together. Through continuous innovation, together with the use of the sublimation of the mind and fashion beauty technology to transform synchronously, each one is enthusiastic, confident, happy, and a dream maker.

In today’s society, DeaTerra AEPM (Attractive Energy Power Music) is a quiet and beautiful mind revolution; it is also a clear stream to help your inner strength grow centimeter by centimeter, in order to connect with your beauty, inner strength, happiness, creativity, and inspiration. In these specific qualities, you will be more focused on positive energy and the virtues, such as creativity, self-strengthening, enhancing happiness, meditation, relief and stress management, youthful beauty, relaxation sleep, and passionate dreams. You will feel that you hold the key to your happiness, beauty, and health. Begin now to allow yourself to enjoy this “unique, outstanding, and beautiful self” in the universe!