A beautiful miracle from the Earth
Magic Formula Unique Technology Alcohol-Free

The essence of the ingredients can be regarded as an essential drop being purified from the universe and build up a perfect shield on the skin. From a single drop, we see the universe. Furthermore, air, sunlight, water is all inside the drop and that is all we need in this world. This essential drop paints the world with a transparent and beautiful color.

The concept of the design focuses on the ingredients, improves skin firmness and brings up a crystal clear skin. We also instill the uplifting energy to our products through the wonder, calming and loving music. It is a perfect combination of love and beauty.

DeaTerra Sonic Therapy Age Reversal Energy Music Mask comforts the loneliness we have in this secular world. Listening to the gentle vocal guidance purifies our soul, so that we can have a good energy, a good mood and a good experience. When a woman is getting closer to her true inner self, she is reaching a state of pure elegance. This is our needs in this century. We desire an eternal beauty and a free soul.