No. 1 Attractive Energy Power Music Brand in Taiwan – The Most Living Music Facial Mask

DeaTerra’s innovation product, “the facial mask that listens to the classical music” have music such as “Canon,” “The Four Seasons,” Beethoven, Bach, lullabies, etc, playing 24-7, so that the power of music can nurture this exclusive music mask to become “the most living music mask.”

DeaTerra combines the precious and effective natural ingredients that can moisturize, repair, nourish, anti-aging, and purify your skin, with 15 minutes of Attractive Energy Power Music (AEPM) sound technology, depicting the Creator and the universe collaboratively nurture the highest perfection of the beautiful life. During this unique 15 minutes of the beautifying skin music world, your skin activates its beauty, and your body is relaxed and being healed in this beauty therapy. You will be beautiful and charming, like nature itself.

DeaTerra’s unique product process technology gives the skin its firmness, elasticity and brightness. Combined with the energy power music therapy, the space of the universe, the time, the energy, and your body are connected as one. With blissful vocal echoes the beautiful melody, your healing process is heavenly, and your energy is restored, feeling fresh and energizing. It also makes you feel younger, healthier, more powerful, more peaceful, and more beautiful. DeaTerra becomes the key to pursue eternity, beauty, and health, and it also becomes the most motivated and comprehensive brand that nurtures “The First Goddess.”

Through expectations, music, vocal guidance, and subtle sounds combined together, we awaken your state of mind, enhance your self-confidence, and inspire your body, soul, skin, and brain to its deepest relaxation. We also assist you in focusing on the greatest desires and expectations, create magnificent influence on age reversal and consciousness, and guide your body to reach its greatest potentials.

"If we desire a real beauty, we need to release the pressure or any harm that would threaten our health and mind". Through the language of love and beautiful music, we are able to heal our body in consciousness, remain the balance, clean the unwanted thoughts, uplift our spirits, and empower ourselves with energy. The combination of natural anti-aging ingredients and the warm and beautiful vocal guidance work perfectly in our body, which is like an inner masseur who gently takes care of every pore of your skin and then to your cells, organs, muscles, glands and bones. Every part of your whole existence will receive a complete beauty healing cycle!

This is a beautiful healing journey, to let your mind and spirit soar, which exists beyond time and space. We can feel the love and warm healing therapy from the music and give you a brand new insight of beauty and health to reach the age reversal stage. Through the melody and at the uplifting moments, you can have an inner calming experience, which will add an everlasting energy to your abundant journey of Goddess.

The categories for Attractive Energy Power Music are: Creativity, Self-Strengthening, Enhanced Well-Beings, Meditation, Relief and Stress Management, Youthful Beauty, Relax and Sleep, and Passionate Dreams. If we desire beauty and confidence, we need to strengthen our self-healing energy. This also has been proven effective in health issues, concentration, learning and memory, stress management, meditation, and sleeping problems.